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TSA начало требовать наличие на пластиковых оружейных кейсах как минимум двух замков.
Обратите внимание.
Subscriber J.C. Hurt alerted us to a potential issue for hunters traveling with plastic gun cases. Apparently, American Airlines personnel at Barajas-Madrid Airport in Spaintold Hurt that he could not board a flight to the US with his Tuffpak gun case because of regulation supposedly requiring plastic cases to have two locks.

Says Hurt, “I was denied checking my Tuffpak at the American Airlines baggage desk. The supervisor told me that they were now enforcing a new TSA regulation stating that all plastic gun cases have two locks. They actually had me come behind the ticket counter to look at what they were looking at on the computer screen. they showed me the American Airlines directive, including a photograph of the cheapest type of plastic piano-hinged case being pulled apart by a pair of hands to expose the butt of a rifle.”

The highest-level American Airlines supervisor at the airport eventually allowed Hurt to check the case “just this once.”

No new regulations have been published on TSA’s website, which indicates that a “locked hard-sided container” must be used (see
www.tsa.gov/travel/transporting-firearms-and-ammunition). Our email conversation with a press officer at American Airlines suggests that there is no “new” regulation, but that American Airlines has chosen to place a certain construction on existing TSA regulations.

According to the press officer, “TSA requirements state that, ‘the container must completely secure the firearm from being accessed.’ This includes preventing someone from accessing the firearm without cutting the lock or breaking open the container. Some plastic rifles cases can allow access to the firearm if not locked correctly. For example, if the container only has one lock in the middle of the case, a flexible case will bend allowing access to the firearm. To comply with these TSA requirements, American requires that rifle cases have a lock at each end of the case.”

Obviously, Tuffpak cases cannot be bent to access the firearms. Hunters should be aware that American Airlines may refuse to check rifles with Tuffpak cases or other cases that only have one lock, even if the cases do not allow access to firearms within.

We have not yet heard back from a TSA press officer who is looking into the matter, and we will advise readers in a second bulletin if we hear more. 


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Nov. 13th, 2016 07:13 am (UTC)
Скоро вообще скажут что бы 2 замка соединял еще 1 замок.
(Deleted comment)
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