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На фоне прогрессирующих блокировок транспорировки охотничьих трофеев некоторыми авиакомпаниями (Эмирейт, Южно-Африканские авиалинии и так далее) весьма приятным выглядит завление Дельты:
SCI is pleased to announce that Delta Air Lines will continue to ship hunting trophies, although some other air cargo carriers have announced plans to stop doing so. In spite of the efforts of anti-hunters to pressure Delta to discontinue trophy shipments, business at Delta will continue as usual. Delta released the following statement in response to a petition requesting that the company change its policy concerning the shipment of “exotic” animal hunting trophies:

Delta accepts hunting trophies in accordance with all U.S. domestic and international regulations, which prohibits the possession of trophies or other
items associated with protected species. Customers are required to produce detailed documentation of trophies to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol
officials as their trophies undergo inspection.

SCI thanks Delta for not allowing the prejudices of anti-hunters to overcome the scientific evidence that shows that the hunting and importation of sport-hunted animals provides invaluable support for wildlife and habitat management and conservation, including anti-poaching efforts. Unfortunately, some other international cargo shippers have chosen to stop shipping some or all hunting trophies. South African Airways Cargo recently announced an embargo on the shipment of rhino, elephant, tiger, and lion trophies. Emirates SkyCargo has announced that as of May 15, 2015, it will not accept any kind of hunting trophies for carriage on Emirates’ services. Emirates states that its restriction will apply to all “CITES & Non-CITES listed species.”
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Наверно, среди фауны ЦАР и Камеруна иланд лорда Дерби является одним из самых популярных, престижных и "иконных" трофеев. Лично мое отношение к данному трофею гораздо более спокойное, ну да и речь не обо мне :) - ибо каждый год именно за иландом приезжают клиенты, и собственно, наличие…



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